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ThalesRaytheonSystems Signs $66.2 Million U.S. Army Contract to Provide Spare Parts for Firefinder Radars

    FULLERTON, Calif., Nov. 15, 2004   /PRNewswire/ -- ThalesRaytheonSystems
Company has been awarded a $66.2 million firm-fixed-price contract to provide
spare parts to support the AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder weapon locating
radars fielded by the U.S. Army.  The contract will provide the necessary
spare part support to increase radar readiness for the Army's weapon locating
radars worldwide to include those deployed in current operating theaters.

    The Firefinder contract provides for 3,500 deliverable spare parts
covering more than 100 part types for both the medium and long range detection
radars.  Deliveries will begin in December 2004 and continue through April

    Due to the increased operational usage of the Firefinder radars,
ThalesRaytheonSystems and CECOM (U.S. Army Communications and Electronics
Command) worked closely on an urgent basis to bring this contract to fruition
in a very short period of time.  ThalesRaytheonSystems and its supplier base
have placed a high priority on this spare parts program to ensure the "Eyes of
the Artillery" continue to meet the Army's operational needs.

    The TPQ-36 and TPQ-37 radars automatically detect, track and locate enemy
mortars, artillery and rocket launchers allowing friendly forces to engage the
hostile targets with pinpoint accuracy.  The TPQ-36 radar is specifically
designed to counter medium range enemy weapon systems out to a range of 24
kilometers while the TPQ-37 can locate longer range systems, to include
surface launched missiles, out to 50 kilometers.

    ThalesRaytheonSystems is an equally owned transatlantic joint venture (JV)
between Raytheon Company and Thales Group.  ThalesRaytheonSystems is a
worldwide supplier of air defense command and control centers (ADCC) and
ground based battlefield radars.  Annual income is close to 700 million
dollars with close to 2000 people employed.

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SOURCE: Raytheon Company

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