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Hawker Horizon Receives Type Certification and First Customer Acceptance

    WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 23, 2004  /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) today granted a provisional type certificate for
the Hawker Horizon to Raytheon Aircraft Company, following over 1800 hours of
developmental and certification flight testing.  This historic milestone was
followed by another major event -- the first customer acceptance of a Hawker

    "This is a fantastic accomplishment by the Hawker Horizon team and a great
day for all Raytheon Aircraft employees," said Jim Schuster, Chairman and CEO
of Raytheon Aircraft Company.  "The Hawker Horizon is the newest, most
technically advanced super-midsize business aircraft available.  It represents
the ideal combination of technology, performance, and comfort, offering the
cabin and range advantages of a large business jet, but at the operating cost
of a mid-sized jet.  It is a fabulous addition to the Hawker family."

    Wichita businessman Jack DeBoer is the first Horizon customer.  A lifelong
aviation enthusiast, DeBoer is an entrepreneur in extended-stay hotel concepts
and real estate development.

    The newly certified Hawker Horizon is entering the marketplace with the
best overall performance in its class -- performance that is even better than
anticipated when the Horizon was initially unveiled.  It has a take-off field
length performance of 4,900 feet (gross weight, ISA/sea level conditions) and
an extraordinary climb performance, requiring only 13 minutes to climb from
sea level to FL370 (Flight Level 37,000 ft).  Powered by two Pratt & Whitney
PW308A turbofan engines, the Horizon can fly six passengers and two crew a
distance of 3,100 nautical miles at high speed cruise (Mach .82), and has a
long range capability of 3,400 nautical miles.

    "The Hawker Horizon has great ramp presence and with its phenomenal
performance and airliner-like reliability and maintainability, this aircraft
will quickly prove itself to be the leader in the super mid-size category,"
said Brad Hatt, President and General Manager of Hawker Business.  "It will
carry on the Hawker tradition of rugged, reliable aircraft that are the
intelligent choice for corporations and individuals."

    The Hawker Horizon fuselage is made with advanced composite technology.
Built in three sections, the fuselage features a 72-inch stand-up cabin and
77.5-inch width.  "The fit, finish and quality of the Horizon's customer-
designed interior will set the standard for the super mid-size jet segment,"
commented Hatt.

    A flat floor runs the entire length of the aircraft, leading to a large
baggage area. The baggage compartment is accessible on the ground through an
exterior door or during flight through the cabin.  The aircraft will be
delivered with a comprehensive customer support package and will be served by
Raytheon Aircraft Company's global network of company-owned and independent
service centers.

    Raytheon Aircraft designs, manufactures, markets and supports Beechcraft
and Hawker aircraft for the world's commercial, military and regional airline

   Jackie Berger

   Steve Brecken

SOURCE: Raytheon Aircraft

Web site:  http://www.raytheon.com/

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