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Raytheon Rolls Out International SL-AMRAAM Program

TEWKSBURY, Mass., April 22, 2005 /PRNewswire/ -- Raytheon Company made public its International Surface Launched, Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile (SL-AMRAAM) program during roll out activities this week in Washington.

The SL-AMRAAM is a state of the art air defense system that can defeat current and emerging cruise missiles and a wide range of air breathing threats. SL-AMRAAM can provide cutting edge capability to protect critical assets in maneuver warfare or homeland defense missions. This available, affordable and adaptable system is interoperable with the PATRIOT and other air defense systems.

"Available, affordable and adaptable. SL-AMRAAM provides the warfighter with an effective and fully integrated air defense solution for maneuver forces, critical assets and homeland defense missions today and in the future," said Dan Smith, president of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.

The international roll out of this cost effective, state of the art system offers the United States' international partners the same capabilities enjoyed by the U.S. armed forces, both on the battlefield and in homeland security.

"Cruise missiles are problematic because they are inexpensive, accurate, easy to conceal and hard to detect and defeat. SL-AMRAAM provides a cost effective air defense solution that is interoperable with joint and coalition forces, PATRIOT and other world class SHORAD (short range air defense) weapon systems," said Skip Garrett, IDS vice president of International Integrated Air Defense.

Based in Tewksbury, Mass., Integrated Defense Systems is Raytheon's leader in joint battlefield integration. With a strong international and domestic customer base, including the U.S. armed forces and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, Integrated Defense Systems provides integrated solutions for the air, surface and subsurface battlespace.

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), with 2004 sales of $20.2 billion, is an industry leader in defense and government electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 80,000 people worldwide.

   Guy Shields
SOURCE: Raytheon Company

Web site: http://www.raytheon.com/

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