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NetJets® Inc., the World's Leading Fractional Company, Purchases 50 Hawker® 4000 Super-Midsize Jets

WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 2, 2005 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Raytheon Aircraft Company and NetJets® Inc. have signed a contract for the purchase of 50 Hawker® 4000 aircraft for NetJets' global fractional fleet. In addition, there is a separate 10-year guaranteed maintenance program.

The combined total value of these contracts will exceed $1 billion, making it the largest single commercial order in the history of Raytheon Aircraft Company. Deliveries will commence in 2007 and continue through 2013.

"The Hawker 4000 will be the flagship of the Hawker line, truly setting the standard for quality, performance and value in the super-midsize class of aircraft," said Jim Schuster, chairman and CEO of Raytheon Aircraft Company. "The NetJets name is synonymous with safety, quality and service, and I know that each and every Raytheon Aircraft Company employee is totally committed to ensuring that we meet the high standards of performance NetJets has come to expect from us. We are honored and delighted that they have chosen the Hawker 4000 as their super-midsize aircraft for the future."

"In addition to the innovative design and superior performance of the Hawker 4000, Raytheon Aircraft Company's commitment to customer service and quality aircraft were key factors in our decision to purchase the aircraft," said Richard Santulli, chairman, NetJets Inc. "We guarantee aircraft availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we need a superb service organization to work with us. Raytheon Aircraft Company does that."

Field performance on the Hawker 4000 is impressive and best in class in the super-midsize category with a 4,509 foot Takeoff Field Length (ISA, SL, MGTOW). Climb rate is exhilarating, going from sea level to 37,000 feet in just over 13 minutes. Once at altitude, the Hawker 4000 accelerates very quickly to its maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.84.

Cabin noise levels are the quietest in the super-midsize segment. Tests show that the cabin is as quiet as a Falcon 2000, a much larger airplane recognized as having one of the quietest cabins for corporate jet airplanes.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308A engines deliver 6,900 lb. of thrust each and combined with the Hawker 4000's advanced wing design provide stunning high/hot and short field performance. For example, from Aspen, CO. (7,820 ft elevation, 7,000 ft runway) the Hawker 4000 can carry six passengers to New York, NY at Mach 0.82 in three hours and fifteen minutes at departure temperatures up to 34 degrees C./93 degrees F.

Or, from Hilton Head, SC (19 ft elevation, 4,300 ft runway), the Hawker 4000 can fly six passengers cross-country to San Francisco, CA at Mach 0.82 in just over five hours at departure temperatures up to 30 degrees C./86 degrees F.

The Hawker 4000 has true coast-to-coast non-stop range under nearly any expected wind situation. Six passengers can be carried over 3,000 nautical miles at a Mach 0.82 cruise speed and four passengers can be carried over 3,300 nautical miles at cruise speed of Mach 0.75.

Constructed of advanced composite material, the Hawker 4000 fuselage is built in three sections, and features a 72-inch stand-up cabin with a 77.5- inch width. A flat floor runs the entire length of the aircraft, leading to a large baggage area. The baggage compartment is accessible on the ground through an exterior door or during flight through the cabin.

Raytheon Aircraft Company announced at the National Business Aviation Association Convention on November 8, 2005 that its super-midsize Horizon® business jet would transition to the Hawker family nomenclature as the Hawker 4000. Referred to as the Horizon throughout its development, the aircraft reverted to its product model number. This numerical approach is also consistent with the Hawker product line's naming process for upgrade and derivative announcements as the company continues to grow and develop its product line.

Raytheon Aircraft Company designs, manufactures, markets and supports Beechcraft and Hawker aircraft for the world's commercial and military markets.

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